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I need help: Runtime Error


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I got this message Runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function around Riverwood. Game was running fine, a few stutters. I was in the inn(Riverwood). I know about the Dawnguard thing, but this is a completely new game. Any advice on how to fix this?


I have the memory patch, I've run Loot. Verified files. The basic stuff.

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I used to get this as well, never found a solid fix for it other than cleaning up my load order, starting things fresh with a new game.

From what I've read about it, it's either a bad SKSE plugin or an issue with your Visual C++ Redistributables, try going onto the microsoft website, downloading and reinstalling them. I think they have an all in one for it now, I don't remember.

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There are many possible problems which can cause this error, that's one reason why it's quite hard to solve it. Almost all my problems with that error were gone when i changed some settings in enblocal.ini, it didn't use all VRAM which is one possible reason. Others said instead of updating you should reinstall Skyrims old version, din't try that though. And special circumstances with some mods can cause it too, i had it in one single scene in a mod every time, but nowhere else in weeks. Maybe there is a problem with a mod that changes riverwood?

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The forest area around riverwood and riverwood itself are said to be one of the heavier area's, so it could be a memory issue. As for "downgrading skyrim", don't try that, it'll break more things than it'll solve, SKSE, unofficial patch etc.

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