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  1. Don't the new guard behaviors in SLS do this now too? Toggles for if guards will harass you if you have weapons or armor equipped.
  2. getting a random issue where i'm stuck with the defeat struggle bar on a new game. Literally nothing gets rid of it. had to start loading it after everything else installed. Anyone else had this and knows how to fix?
  3. @Monoman1 Okay, I checked through the patch and the SLS_BikiniArmorsEntry... record is in the correct place, only had to add one record that it somehow missed so that it wasn't being overridden. Juussst noticed that last bit, was too focused on the other stuff. Yeah it's merged, how would I deal with that? Sorry if that like double notified, was a last minute addition.
  4. Ohhhh okay. So I need to find what is taking priority of the merchant chests and try and deal with that, gotcha. Thanks. I get that part, I meant like what I actually had to look for that would let me find out if they were added into the patch or not or if something had taken priority. Monoman explained the part I needed, but thank you for the help. Edit: nope you pretty much explained it too, but the extra detail did help, sorry lol.
  5. Okay I'm a little confused I guess. Is this patch supposed to like, merge the actual bikini armors mods or is it supposed to create some kind of record to be accessed by whatever determines vendor stock with the records or reference to those armors. How would I check for what's supposed to be there? I did it just like how you said to.
  6. @Monoman1 so i made the Tes5editMerged patch and all the options for the distributor menu were still grayed out. Is there some thing I have to refresh/restart for it to register?
  7. Nope, sounds like something they'd totally do. Like the forced creation club updates for F4.
  8. Then it's a you problem. Because I literally gifted someone Skyrim legendary edition last week THROUGH STEAM. You're wrong. Edit: aaand just for the sake of it i just went into a new session, no logged in steam account, went to the skyrim LE store page and it lets me buy it. Like, just stop. https://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/
  9. Welp that explains why i never found map & compass in vendors, never made a patch for them xD Thanks for the instructions, i should probs learn to read sometime soon.
  10. It's on steam. Steam has games from before 2001. A game released in 2011 isn't going anywhere. Don't just make up stuff just to harass a modder to make something for SE If they want to do it, they'll do it. Otherwise, shh. @Monoman1 What kind of patch/how do I get a patch to work with the bikini armor distributor?
  11. It's been a long while since I've used that mod, but I remember when I did that items being stolen and put in a chest in the dungeon was a toggle? Maybe things have changed.
  12. Building the body and making the physics "match" it is really your best bet. You don't want to go all in on one or the other, too much hang in the body build but no give in the phyiscs will just give you stale pancakes. But too little in the build and too much in the physics will just become half filled rice bags that spin around when you move. Basically build a body with enough to "use" then fiddle with the Gravity Factor, Time factor and Mass on both the NPC L/R Breast bones in your default HDT config to get the right "movement" then go to the "Constraints" section, and lower the
  13. Don't think there's any packs that have an animation set specifically using them, but I'm fairly certain Anubs or Nibble's animation pack has a couple missionary animations that use that kind of position for a the 2nd last and final stages. Sorry that I can't be any more specific.
  14. I'd say succubus heart is the most configurable and non-invasive mod for this kind of thing. It has all your criteria but I'm not sure about the drain to draugr, definitely to death though. You can drain and become stronger without actually being or becoming a succubus in form or name. Pretty sure it has an official SE port. Edit: Just read the actual post instead of skimming the thread, Defeat's sneak subdue & rape can do what you want, wont kill them during the act but you have the choice to afterwards. With both mods you can get the desired effect and more.
  15. That's an issue I keep getting as well, but I don't think SLS is a/the cause of the problem. Bakafactory's Sexlab Approach Redux and devious followers don't seem to play nice either. Sometimes I'll lose the debt dialogue option and debt tracking will stop until I reset the Approach's quest in the MCM. DF breaks so often that I've pretty much given up using it, the times when I can't dismiss the follower gets especially annoying.
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