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Can I Merge Quest Mods


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You should ask authors of those quest mods, since only they know what they did to mod/scripts and if its safe to merge

Merging complex plugin is like playing skyrim roulette, 50/50 you shoot yourself in your knee

I think its only safe to merge weapon/armor mods, esp that no other mod relies, mod with simple esp patches/addons for it

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normal rule of thumb is if it has any scripts dont merge it unless its a patch for say a compaptiblity patch. say like audio of skyrim u ccan merge all its compatiblity patchces together long as another mod dont have one of them as a dependent.


1. armor mods, normaly safe to merge but if there any form of error in it best to not merge it if u ccant fix the errors yourself.

2. companions are around 80% mergeable. normaly only bug come up is that they either black faced bugged or dont be where they suppose to be but wont crash your game.

  if its a heavy sccripted companion like vilja i dont recommend mergeing

3. quest mods. i dont recommend it as quest mods can be tempremental on changes.

4.compatbitly mods. they normaly safe to merge but pay attention to which mods they are. for example i dont recommend combine say a audio mod that modifies say weeaether sound with a weather modd patch.

5.scripted mods. its 50/50 some work fine and some dont. only way to do is merge and test. from my experence some bug always comes upsomewhere down the line.

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Guest airdance

If the quest mods end up modifying the same thing it can cause an issue and possibly break one or both (or more depending on how many you merge).

In a single word, Yes.  The more mods you mix together the greater your chances of it not ending well.

Think of it in simpler terms.  If you play with one mod it is like playing with a water gun loaded with distilled water the worst you can do is ruin the mod.

With multiples of mods it is like playing with a loaded 357 magnum and by default it is pointed at your head. You can end up breaking your game. Unless you are very good at scripting, do not do it.

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