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Stimpack Addiction (ready to download)


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Have you ever wanted to spice up your stimpacks? Maybe mix them with Daytripper just for the buzz of it? Well now you can, there is even a visual effect after taking one!


This mod mixes the effects of taking a stimpack with a modified version of Daytripper. You can still become addicted but you can also visit a Doc or clinic to cure the addiction.


Effects and duration:

+2 Charisma, +2 Luck plus the effects of Lovers Embrace (think of it as if the chem has made you cum)

All three last 24 minutes real time (duration of 900 in Fallout 4 speak)

Plus there is a 2 second visual effect directly after taking a stimpack (nothing terrible, just a tiny bit of blurring and an increased light level - most obvious in well lit areas or very dark areas)


Side effects of addiction:

-1 Charisma, -1 Luck (but remember taking another stimpack will give you your +2 Charisma, +2 Luck back again)

Note: This addiction can be cured by visiting a Doc or clinic



This mod will change the effects of just taking Daytripper on its own but since Daytripper can not be crafted and there aren't many around, it shouldn't have any real effect on the game.


First download option:



Below is nerfed version of the above:



+1 Charisma for 8 minutes, +1 Luck for 8 minutes plus the effects of Lovers Embrace for only a few seconds. There is also a 2 second visual effect directly after taking a stimpack (same as above).


Side effects of addiction:

-1 Charisma, -1 Luck


Second download option (don't download both, only download one):








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So you changed normal stimpacks to be more like the harder chems.


I don't know about you but I take multiple stimpacks in a hairy fight and I neither want nor care about "normal" chems.

Personal preference.


Just a heads up if you take that effect to a chem lab to introduce a new drug (copy and paste your stimpack into a new entry essentially) which has a normal stimpack as crafting recipe it would not be kinda ruled out for roleplay purists like my characters are (none of them touches jet, psycho or other stuff wilingly).



And by the way stimpacks are plenty. So giving them +2 charisma, +2 luck and lovers embrace is seriously imbalanced.

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Nothing wrong with personal preference, in fact I applaud it.


If you do spam your stimpack in a fight then there is a high likelihood of becoming addicted to it. But whilst under its influence you gain +2 charisma and luck which is not really ground breaking. Plus you have plenty of time to cure yourself, whether using addictol, some crafted foodstuffs or visiting a doctor. If you leave it too long your addiction takes hold and you suffer - 1 charisma and luck, which again, won't be too harmful.


Compared to, say, Pyschobuff (crafing psycho and buffout) where you get +25% Damage, +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, +65 Max Health which lasts for 8 minuts, I do not think my mod is over the top but if others request it, I can make it +1 charisma and luck easily enough.


The whole point of this mod is to make the game slightly more loverslabish so if combined with perverted perks, it is another way of getting the lover's embrace to kick in to see a nice image and hear some sexy moans plus in the advent of more sophistiated mods coming out, it is a good starting point to get your character addicted which can lead to all sorts of fun encounters. It is a mod that, in a way, is an immersive way to getting your character addicted rather than just choosing at any one time to spam the chem button of your choice to deliberately become addicted.

I appreciate your comments and I suppose it has allowed me to explain more about the mod, so thanks for that.

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A few things to keep in mind for balancing issues:

Stimpacks are abundant. Felt 5 out of 10 killed raiders/gunners carry one or sometimes two stimpacks. Most of the bathrooms in the comonwealth have a first aid box and in this box a stimpack is pretty much guaranteed. In many mirrors there also is a stimpack and many are lying around "in the wild".

Stimpacks already have a powerful chem ability. They heal.

Stimpacks have no weight whereas all other chems have at least 0.1 weight so you can't carry hundreds of them.


And under those facts an additional buff of 2 charisma, 2 luck and lovers embrace (which is +15% xp if memory serves correctly) is imbalanced. For a normal playthrough (if sexy or not) this can be considered a cheat.

As long as you use stimpacks it will stay that way and in my eyes it would not change that much if the buff would be lowered to 1 CHA 1 LCK as the lovers embrace is the powerfull buff.

As said above if you'd clone stimpacks via chemlab and make it use "normal" stimpacks as crafting requirement the balancing pretty much will be sorted out. Especially if you give your drug a weight and strip the healing. That way the player would have to make a choice of a buff or a heal and is not handed a buff with a heal.

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I will add a +1 Charisma for 8 minutes, +1 Luck for 8 minutes plus the effects of Lovers Embrace for only a few seconds (just to get it kicked in) and see if anyone else can offer suggestions.


Maybe later I will try and introduce a new drug that uses stimpacks to craft with but it is hard to cater this mod for someone like yourself, JesusKreist, who are roleplay purists whose characters never take chems at all.

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