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  1. You're saying that, but it's only in the last year or two that everybody and their grandma made Patreon accounts to "sell" their content, regardless of how poorly made or insignificant it is.
  2. Have you tried with just S16? This error is the welcoming screen for everybody who tries to run S16 with Combat Extended, because Combat Extended is a broken mod that requires compatibility patches with literally anything that as much as considers looking at things it changes.
  3. You should probably mention in the OP that VEF is now a requirement.
  4. Regarding the last update, putting breast milk in it's own cozy category makes it semi-incompatible with a bunch of storage mods (i.e. because, say, a "food barrel" doesn't have the "Breast milk" category defined, so you can't put the item in it)... also the category itself lacks an icon, so you get a pink square on the HUD in top left. Probably should just move it into "animal products".
  5. Just here to chime in on the sidebar. Honestly? Why? On, for example, the 2560x1440 resolution the sidebar, which at best has a length of the OP and the first post, reduces the already small text field to like a quarter of the width. It either needs to be optional or the layout has to scale better with resolution.
  6. Also the "Mark category as read" button doesn't seem to do anything.
  7. I'm betting imaginary money on Combat Extended. I just finished checking what mod causes incompatibility with CE. It turns out it's this very one and the problem I have is the exact same one RimworldFam described down to the very same debug log. If possible, I'd ask for a compatibility patch. As a side note, how does this mod's lactation compare to Milkable Colonists? Maybe a patch/overwrite so Milkable Colonists effects create valid ingredients for your mod's recipes?
  8. Well, I suppose statistically speaking there ain't that many of them, but I sure got lucky with two characters like that in the immediate vicinity.
  9. Is it intended that some characters (I wasn't particularly looking around the world yet so I only came across such characters in the Greek category) look like they got bonked on the head with a very heavy shovel?
  10. The Titan event doesn't seem to remove male traits after converting pops to female only.
  11. I heard that using the Iron Mod Manager to combine mods makes it noticeably faster. Descriptor.mod file inside a particular mod's folder is completely irrelevant. What you need is a .mod file with a proper path= line in the main mod folder. I installed LV yesterday and the .mod file does have the path line just fine, it's just on top of the file and not like usually people put it at the end, so you maybe missed it. That shouldn't be a problem though. What I noticed while installing another sizeable mod (SE - Human, in my case), is that launcher occasionally bugs out and
  12. Not sure if it's specifically this patch, but I had the Titanic Life event give Sex Bots combo trait... to meatbags, so now I have humans with both Titanic Evolution and Sex Bots traits.
  13. For people who already played the latest update, on a scale of 0 to 10, how hard does this mod need updating to play on the 2.8?
  14. Technically you should be able to change the number of vertices, but you'd have to do that for every version of a morph to work properly, if at all.
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