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Raiding raiders

Abyssal Scholar

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So I've been thinking of a project and I want some advice on feasibility. It'll be my first mod so just planning until the CK comes out.


I'm confident in making the new joinable raider factions and building the locations, but I want to be able to raid with them. Just like my settlements get raided I want to take a warband out and raid other settlements, even my own. I also want different outcomes like slaughter everyone and occupy it for a raider camp, the new settlers that come are of that faction. Enslave the survivors and leave a few of my raiders as slave masters, making a slave camp that sends food/water to a chosen caravan location. Normal raid for supplies/slaves. Psycho raid for no good reason.


I was thinking of starting it through a dialogue option with a raider leader, "lets go raiding" then it brings up the fast travel map to choose and start the attack. Would have to have the settlements remember so they won't be friendly if you raid one of your own settlements. Maybe add quests to get their trust back(then stab them in the back all over again) Side note, has anyone ever made those short wave radios work? I want to use them to communicate with my different factions.


Factions I've thought so far. There would be at least two of each to chose from with different mood/themes. Not worried about this side, just sharing and open to feedback.


Techno raiders - not telling these top secret plans yet.

Slavers - capture settlers and other raiders to make farmer slaves or sex slaves to sell.

Organic drug growers - hippies and scarface archetypes

Synthetic drug makers - meth heads and moon shiners

Sexbot pimps - for high tech lust

People pimps - willing and enslaved

[Might combine the pimps cyber/human whores into a single group of raiders with slavers selling the sex slaves and the techno raiders selling the sexbots. This new faction would improve on these base 'models' and would operate bordellos]

Arms dealers

Normal raiders, but given personality like the forged, and making them joinable too.

Super mutant -

Supermutant FEV research centre/Mirelurk colony run by a supercomputer for all you beast lovers.


They would have their own independent space but each would have a commander in a central place that would serve as a business hub, a little sin city to sell the best products the black market has to offer. The idea is to make a cool place you would want to use as a base of operations.


So can I do it? What should I start to learn while waiting for the creation kit?

Thoughts? I'll need help to pull this one off. I'm putting this out there in the hopes someone will steal my idea and do all the work for me :)

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This all sound very doable though fairly ambitious scale wise depending on how you choose to implement things. Looking through the documentation for the Creation Kit would be a good place to start if your not a veteran modder. Assuming the Geck isn't massively different then the CK, the main things you will need to work with are AI Packs, Dialogue, Factions and Quests. Also learning a bit of Papyrus wouldn't hurt.

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kind of related to the OP. figured i'd throw this out there as something that he may want to add to the mod.

What if settlements that you have not discovered or taken over have a chance to be attacked and taken over by a faction. that way you wont always be harassing settlers.

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Maybe you can start with being defeated, you can either decide to fight to death, join their gang

or be enslaved. Fight to the death being self explanatory, joining their gang would involve an

initiation, from helping to scavenge parts for the more techno-minded raiders from Brotherhood/

Institute to capturing your first slave or pimping your first prostitute for others. For the enslaved

portion you actually become a whore or slave for that faction carrying out monotonous daily tasks

while being heckled as fuck meat, etc. For the slave your daily chores may be food and drink for 

the raiding party, serving as a breeding slave or being forced to fight in pits for their amusement

until they decide you're no longer worth it and get sold. If you get sold you can end up at any one of

the other slave factions and have to serve them in their capacity. For whore something similar, forced to

wear an indecent crotchless outfit and keep the raiders happy. One idea might be to add tattoos for

either joining and being a part of the gang or being enslaved. As part of the group you get a group tat,

maybe make each faction have their own insignia they wear on their arm or on the side of their head.

For the enslaved you get marked as property by that insignia (usually on the ass or tits), for the whore

prices put on your back, other degrading things. When you get tired of being either enslaved or a whore you

can try to convince them to give you the initiation or try to escape. 

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