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  1. i found that if i remove Sexbound-Terato017Defeat i can not teleport to lustia. Not sure if that may have something to do with the teleport bug mentioned above. -edit NVM that is false information. seems i also had the outdated version installed and Terato017Defeat was allowing me to get into lustia.
  2. Any chance the dolphins can get a WP animation?
  3. I'm having some trouble with traits. I select the traits Black Widow and DoEH in CAS but when I move the sim into a home the traits disappear. NVM about this. I'm dumb and installed the mod wrong 🤦‍♂️
  4. How about a sim caught in the pet door with pet/s using sims mouth/vagina/ass.
  5. Sorry if these have been suggested. I did not want to read through 18 pages. 1) Using the cow plant to have some fun. 2) Sims and pets can take advantage of passed out sims (see attached)
  6. hello. does anyone know of a mod that would add a build-able deathclaw nest which you could assign a deathclaw to produce eggs?
  7. haha well thank you. i was just having a bad day. I am glad its over. I like today :) oh new members. welcome everyone
  8. we love to hate them but hate that we love them
  9. hmm... I don't care about money or success so besides having similar hobbies/interest I would have to say eyes. Nice looking eyes make me weak.
  10. I hope things go well for you, whatever you decide to do. Also I just wanted to say your spriggan preset is still my favorite preset of all time.
  11. Probably just stay in and explore and enjoy. There was also the movie "Hot Chick" i think it was called that featured a body swap.
  12. :O i never even realized that. The nudie magz are gone from the book stores. I remember back then going into borders (or some popular chain) and they had magz.
  13. There are some good people here. I bought waffles and pop tarts for my co-workers today
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