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[Help] Mod Dialogue


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Hello guys, i'm going to post my orginal post here, but i have very specific questions that need answers.




I'm not going to write all my dialgues before even one is working so here is my first tree



What i want is the dialogues to lead to something, and i absolutely don't know how to do that, 'coz i'm a noob.




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By the screenshot, I assume you're using the Dialogue Views tab. Personally, I prefer to create the dialogue in the Player Dialogue tab, so my advice will reflect that.



First a simple one


- As you can see all the tree start with one option (it is "(seduce)"). The problem is that ALL the dialogues options are available when i first talk to an NPC; how do i fix that? (Don't know if that's clear, i could post a screenshot if needed).



Dialogue branches have three options (Normal, Top-Level, Exclusive). By default they start as Top-Level, so the specified topic will show at the top of the NPC's conversation tree. Set that branch to Normal if you don't want it to be accessible without being explicitly linked to.



Now the technical stuff


- How do i do outcomes ? Concretly it is an increase/decrease in the relationship rank and triggering animations from sexlab.



That's done via scripting in the Topic Info window. A topic info is an element of a topic, which in itself is an element of a branch.

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Thanks for your answers, both helped me, i feel like i can finally advance.

I'm going to have to read some scripts tutorials, but at first look what i want doesn't seem to be a really complicated thing to do.


This community is really helpful, this is great. You guys don't have to help but you do it anyway. It has to be pointed out from time to time.



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