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Best body mod?


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Do they have the universal skeleton mod like Oblivion used to have or I have to have a particular skeleton for each body type?




Also, is there some type of easy to use/how to guide for each body type? Are they all in Nexus or do I have to hunt down in this forum?

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most are on nexus, regarding MCBM the newest version is here.



as far as I know there are only 2 mature skelletons people are using ( feel free to correct me )


if you wanna use any of these bodies both of them will work just fine

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lmao I remember seeing that one dude that keeps on spewing bs about a particular body type like CHSBHC being the best in threads like this. Wonder where that clown went.


But as the majority has said already, bodyslide > any individual body mods except maybe UNPBO and 7BO.

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