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Skyrim always stops before loading main menu


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I start up SKSE or normal skyrim and the screen goes black like its about to show the main menu and it just goes not responding and stops working. Its been a minute since I played skyrim so I cant really tell you what mod i added. From my experience, when it crashes at the main menu then its usually an ESM problem but Loot is showing everything is clean and clear. No papyrus logs to show. I REALLY dont want to reinstall skyrim once again but if that will have to happen then il do it.

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Do u perhaps have exceeded the mod limit? 

I've encountered this same problem and for me it was because I was on the max amount of mods which the game didn't really liked.


Also u might want to check wrye bash, this shows you if you are missing esp/esm files that make the game unable to boot; and or rebuild dual sheath redux patch if you are using that mod. (I'm just naming some things I have also encountered with the same crash conditions)

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CTD on startup is a mod issue, CTD when loading is a corrupted save file.

I use safety load myself, It tends to help with avoiding the infinite loading bug but a crash on loading a save is corruption.

I use onetweak which i believe has that combined with 2 other mods. Its just the ENB files that are causing me problems. I feel like I need the ENBoost just to increase the amount of graphics I can load

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