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What is Ananasi Mod:


When this mod is finish, it will be a Custom race Mod with a custom follower.




Is it working ? What state is it at ?


OK, so the current state of this mod is; WIP (Work in Progress, it doesn't do much for the moment)


I am desperately trying to fix a problem with the Character's Menu (Inventory, Map, Spells etc...) (as of right now, when you transform (Using this spell) you lose all access to your spells and inventory). I am trying to fix that.




But what is it about ? Can you tell me more about it? Any lore ?


For those of you, who are wondering, what this mod is about, you can read a very early version of the lore about this mod in the first link(Below) on the Nexus Forum, my original post.


The second link, was me asking help for the last transformation (What is it/that ? = read the mod description in the first or 2nd link(Below), either way, it has been removed from the, To do list - The Final state of the mod will ONLY have 3 forms NOT 4).








But, how come it isn't out yet ?, these threads are old.


Well like a lot of people, I got tired of Skyrim(Back then in 2013) and moved on, I just recently started playing again.


But weren't you almost finish ?


Well when I stop playing(back in 2013) I deleted everything, my unfinished mod included... Yes I know, I am still angry at myself as I am writing this.




Hey...This name, the name of your mod, it reminds me of something....


If you are a fan of the WOD (World of Darkness) tabletop games, you might have recognize the name, for everyone else, this mod is inspired by the Shapeshifter race of the same name in the Tabletop PnP RPG game; Werewolf: The Apocalypse. They are essentially Werespiders.




But why spider!!!!!?


If you hate spider and you don't want to see them ever, this mod is not for you, it basically turns your character into one(a spider), so don't download this mod if even the vanilla Skyrim's spider disgust you and/or if you can't stand them, this mod is not for you.


Personally, I hate spider and I suffer from a mild level of arachnophobia in real life, that being said, its just a game and I know that. The fact that I am the spider, preying on others, I am not sure how to describe it (I feel empowered, it's like your are the monster, stalking instead of being the prey). Did that make sense ? no anyways..




Plans for the future


If I get help, I would like to add a Quest and a custom voice to my follower, but I am still a very amateur modder with little experience in modding.




Call for Help


[To anyone who has experience in scripting or modding in general]


To experience Modder out there; (Oh! you silly darkteutonic it's easy you just have to do this...)


If you happen to know what is causing the problem with the character's menu please, please let me know so I can finish this mod and upload the full version of it, so that everyone can enjoy it.


I have an open thread regarding this problem in the Non-adult related mod section of this forum;






What is currently included in this version;


The mod adds a Spell [Form of the Swarm]


How do I get the Spell?


You have 2 options;


1) Use the game's console, and type;


Help Swarm


Then use one of the following command;






then add the number of the code for the Spell or the Spell Book.


2) For a more Lore-Friendly way to acquire the spell, simply make your way to Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn. The book is located on the nightstand(the small table) next to the bed in the 2nd room on the left side.


P.S. Do not forget to close the door behind you before picking up the book, as stealing the book, will increase your bounty and you will have to fight your way out of the Inn.


Info about the Spell


Name: Form of the Swarm.
Duration: Unlimited


Any bug I should know about ?:


Yes, as mention multiple time above, this is a work in progress and I am currently baffled by a bug which prevent the player from opening the inventory, the spell or the map, after changing into the Spider form. I am currently working on the problem and as soon as I figured out, the problem will be fix, and the mod will be re-uploaded.


What does it do then ?


It does 2 things;


1) It transforms your Character into the Ananasi's Swarm Form (What is that ? - Just a fancy name for the Spider form) But what does it look like ? Well, skin/texture wise, its basically a normal Frostbite Snow Spider. But under the hood, it comes with interesting bonuses such as In combat health regeneration (There are other bonus as well). I will reveal those in time, when I am finish balancing the mod.


2) It summons at your sides, 4 smaller version of yourself (4 Frostbite Snow spiders). For the time being they are Essential, and cannot die. They will follow you everywhere and will only attack those who are hostile to you.


Description of the spell;


This power is meant to enable the caster (if you haven't guess by now), to transform into a swarm of spiders. Due to multiple reasons, such as the engine limitation, entrance being block by these little guys couple with the fact that many of us (myself included) are already using more than 1 follower...[these are just a few reason why,] I have decided to limit the number of spider summoned by this spell to 4. Think of it like this; 1 spider for each of your legs, 1 spider for each of your arms and 1 spider for your main body and head.

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