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cbbe bodyslide outfits with a uunp body?


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CBBE bodies would have to be changed out with UNP versions after conversion as they would still be using the CBBE UV maps so you would get those nasty hip marks and ugly boobs.


ah, so on armor that showed a lot of skin the points where cbbe and unp skin textures (hips/arms i think) would have stretch marks or blank spots (skin color there, but texture looks muted)?

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CBBE and UNP have different UV maps the areas on the hips will have nasty texture hip marks and the breast area will be nasty looking as well have also have misplaced nipple textures. If those areas are hidden you should be fine if they are not then you will have to replace the body. The hip marks don't come in really good in outfit studio as it tends to be pretty bright but you can see the outline of it.





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