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Is there a mod which adds a shout or spell that causes a Strip, Disarm and Fear effect at the same time?


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I think that step one would be to duplicate one of those spells in creationkit. Then attach a script to the new spell and write routines to strip the targets clothes (and run the second spell). You can see how stripping is accomplished in the source code for mods like sexlab.

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Yup that is correct! The Creation Kit is how you would add multiple effects to one spell it fairly simple. I made the serpent stone power paralyze for a very long duration, strip and cause fear using the CK just look up a tutorial it will take you at most ten minutes to complete . unfortunately i cant share mine bc I don't have permission from the modder whose spell I used but trust me you can do it. ^_^

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OOH I can totally see this being an awesome thing to add to the unrelenting force shout! I can just see a gust of wind blasting away an enemies armor and weapons and having them stand there blinking in confusion wondering WTH just happened! :P:D


EDIT 02/20/2016 ~4:13pm -

although at the moment the closest I can see getting to that would be one that does this and simply drops the clothes/armor/etc unless we figured a way to have unrelenting force trigger the item drop BEFORE the shout/attack/blast effect.


Ima have to look into how defeat makes an npc/player drop items and see if I can maybe use that somehow. (fingers crossed)



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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share it as it's entirely built upon someone else's work but I can tell you exactly how I did it.


1. Download UncensorSpell http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13546/? (If you wan't just nudity with added effects like Fear, Disarm etc then your done)

2. Install it manualy or use your favorite Mod Manager

3. Download TES5Edit

4. Open up TES5Edit and look for UncensorSpell.esp (if you Right-Click and select none its easier to tick what you want)

5. Once loaded click the + mark next to UncensorSpell.esp and you'll see a list of all the spells in the pack.

6. Pick a spell you would like to add additional effects to


N-Shot are projectile blasts (Think Fire ball)

N-Beam is a low/mid range beam (Think flame)

N-Explo is an area of effect attack

N-Wave is similar to a shout (Causes people in the way to stagger but will not actually cause agro)

NFx means no visible effect (Imagine using flame but the animation was invisible)


7. Once you've decided on the spell click on it (I personally prefer using N-Wave)

8. On the right side of TES5Edit you should see all the info about said spell, look for the Effects section (At the bottom)


It'll look something like this




       EFID - Base Effect


9. In the box directly right of Effects you wan't to Right-Click and click Add (You'll be presented with a warning saying are you absolutely sure you want to continue, Click Yes I'm absolutely sure.

10. You should have a new Effect added at the very bottom (Should be in Bold) Click NULL - Null References once and wait for a drop down arrow to appear on the far right

11. Choose your desired effect but make sure it fits with the type of spell your changing

For example as I'm using a wave type spell I should add a wave type ability on top, as far as I know there is no wave effect Spell of Fear buy there is The Shout of Dismay which will fit it perfectly called "VoiceDismayingEffect3 "Dismaying Shout" [MGEF:0002395D]" (I figure Effect 3 is the strongest one)


12. Now you should have your desired effect selected it's time to modify Magnitude, Area and Duration. 

Magnitude effects how potent your effect is so if you wan't everything to fear you I suggest turning 0.000000 into 100.000000 (I think that's the max)

Area I think only effects the area of effect and seeing as N-Wave's nude spell is set to 0 I figured I'd do the same (Probably best to just make it the same as whatever spell you choose to modify)

Duration is basically how long the effect will last. N-wave's Nude effect is set to 10 (Seconds) but you can change that to however long you want, then set your Fear effect to be the same.


13. Once all that's done just click the X in the top right corner, You'll be given a list of all the mods you modified (Should just be UncensorSpell.esp) leave it ticked to save your changes to the mod. You also have the option to backup Plugins in the bottom left corner. for this mod I didn't bother since the changes were so little and are easily fixed but for bigger more complex mods it might be a good idea to tick it.


Aaaaaand your done. jump into your game (Spells are added automatically) and test out your new Spells.


Hope you found this useful

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