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Death Mod/Vore Ideas

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I always enjoyed the gore factor of Deadly Mutilation in Skyrim. I'd love to see something akin to the myriad of death scenes for Tomb Raider and Deadly Mutilation done for Fallout 4. Like getting captured by Super Mutants and actually put on a spit, cooked and then eaten. (As much as they talk about eating humans this just seems a travesty not to be animated.) Maybe for added effect a meaty bone gets tossed to a mutant dog. Or for Deathclaws it just shows them slicing you into meaty chunks in a fury of slashes like the werewolf animations from Skyrim. Bloodbugs would be pretty great, you just get swarmed and they all feed on you at once and tear away to show a dessicated body. The Behemoth would either turn you into a greasy smear with its club or pick you up and bite you in half, lots of blood spray. Ghouls would tear you limb from limb and feed on you as a group. I'm sure the ideas could go on and on. Perhaps use a system similar to Death Alternative, so there is a chance you survive, or get raped/enslaved by other mods, and then a chance you get eaten or murdered with lots of gore. How difficult would it be to animate death scenes like that?

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I've actually seen that done with a mod for Skyrim called Devourment. 




I'd love to use that in my game but the big belly thing put me off >.< if that could be disabled I'd use it


Yeah its a little raw with that horrendous big belly texture. I think the getting eaten and that person becoming the new dragonborn is pretty clever though. I could see the ideas being used in something for Fallout 4.

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Well, I like the theme of death scenes, kinky or semi-kinky, and I'm an animator\rigger with some real gamedev experience, so whenever the tools are in place - sign me up. 


I can do the work that needs to be done in Maya or 3ds max. I don't want to spend a lot of time ripping stuff from the game, and getting it back into the game, but importing ripped stuff, rigging, animating and exporting - sure, just send me a note here, or to cccgirl7@gmail.com whenever it will be finally possible to make such a mod.

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New-U Alternate Death Stations


I think this might actually play to the strengths of death sequences in the game. Extend the time you can watch

it play out with a button to clone yourself again. The cool thing is being able to go back to where you died and finding

your body there. That would really make things interesting. Captured by Super Mutants, chopped up and thrown

into a kettle to boil for soup. Respawn then go back to find Super Mutants lounging about eating You Stew. :D

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