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  1. erhmm.. Still nothing? I'll upload few screens to show the trouble. Or maybe i can disable the randomizer for female and allow only male? is it possible? Because cbbe "3bbb" "amazing body" seems to not work... Well, to me, and somes other people.
  2. Would be nice if someone know how to fix that please, thanks.
  3. Like, choose 30 on max size? As far i know, nope. But with 20+300% the penises will be huges... Really. But you can still ask but i think it's not a common request to have to ask for largers maximum sizes. Comme, choisir 30 en taille maximale? Aussi loin que je connaisse, non. Mais avec 20 + 300% les pénis seront immenses.... Vraiment. Mais tu peux toujours demander mais je pense que c'est pas une requête commune de demander d'agrandir les tailles maximales...
  4. Yes i have the same problem. Is there a way to "force" gender bender, sexlab, to consider no futanari as female? For me it's greyed...it's only male. any idea, please?
  5. nobody care? Wait i cant be alone, using 3bbb (3ba). It's a great body. You dont want to make that, please? and add it as a different version for download to make it work. Cause i have no knowledge in this. thanks anyway
  6. Yes indeed! I have no idea about all this, you dont feel in mood to do that? anyway you or someone else would be great! thanks for paying attention to us
  7. IT works! thank you! i think i need to rebuilds some outfits they are not changing but nude i can see the change from the scale setting. Thanks you!
  8. Hello Thanks you! For sam, it work perfect! Nice! For my cbbe 3bb(amazing body...) it seems to only affect uhh..breasts. I readed the comments, the 3 previous pages. I recognized myself in some comments: Most of breasts are...huges. I also saw some people say, it work for their 3bbb, and there's a lot of small breasts. So i'm like, If someone using 3bbb (3ba, the amazing body) can tell me how they did! i'm using mo2. I think some people and myself mess something, about the overwritting priority, or installing with wrong settings.. About the physics and
  9. Hello! About me my major problems are fixed! I'm using 3bbb(amazing body), i dont have the breast scales and butt, and other slider that change "scale" when transformed, in the "body shape change" tab. Why? If i active body transform or not it change nothing. I dont have any body, i'm fine and i want to keep the 3bbb, i just give an pink color for skin, different hair color, avec with wings/horn/tails (working) from PSQ addons i'm happy. Well, almost, like i said, the scale from transformation on "body shape change" are not working. Any idea, please?
  10. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17561?tab=files This was missing.. I dont remember it was a must have.. Well..thanks...problem solved i guess!
  11. I dont want to do that i have another character with all mods working fine...
  12. Well, the tool in nexus is not working. Ok i tried with just And it's still not showing the mcm. I have the energy bar, but nothing. And in a new game... I saw earlier some people had the same problem...
  13. Hey maybe i'm missing something but what are the files needed? my games dont crash and like i said i can see the energy bar on top left. I have the succubus quest 1.0, sexlab and aroused up to date. I dont understand
  14. Well, the tool in nexus is not working. Well i'll try to load only PSQ later. Maybe in that case mcm will update. With a new game.
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