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What is the correct way to setup a follow package?


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tokens scripts package added to npc ai it doesn't matter I always get it wrong or it is my save game blah blah it never works for me. There are a lot of settings for follow packages and some of them seem to be doing nothing. If I look at other mods I see where a lot of scripting is involved and some of those mods the follow stuff works correctly for example lovers hooker mod. Other mods like lovers true crime Ex have odd results like some bandits run up and force a convo but you can get out of it by clicking X and there is no consequence. It depends what they will do usually this happens after one bandit has forced convo with you and any option is used in the convo and it plays out. So if the other bandit was busy and then comes running back here is the bug. It is a minor thing though but stuff like this seems to plague me when altering the PSE mod.


What I'm confused the most about is the target section of a package. Which thing to select? specific reference where the player ref is indicated as standing in an abandoned mine or the object where I can select player but there is a count value at the bottom right corner what for?


This kind of stuff is driving me crazy and it makes things much harder to do and finish. With my current save sometimes I get the npc to follow the way I wanted and sometimes they just ignore the package and walk to the player then do everything I setup. I want that dam npc to RUN to the player aka use that package EVERY dam time but nope sometimes it doesn't work. This would cause problems for other player who might just blow past that npc and then wonder why it is following them all the time.


Why is this follow package crap such a dam pain? am I doing it wrong or is is a save game bug or do I need to clean the mod?

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I use Globals to make Follow Packages with dialog


first you create two Globals: a follow and a Wait Global

post-3205-0-02502800-1455298474_thumb.jpg e.g. "your Mod name" Follow and "your Mod name" Wait


Then you create the dialogs:

post-3205-0-56827300-1455298567_thumb.jpg Follow me

Condition: NPC ID

Script results:

set "your Mod name"WaitGlob to 0
set "your Mod name"FollowGlob to 1
playGroup Idle 1 


And the wait dialog:

post-3205-0-27797300-1455298578_thumb.jpg Wait here

Condition: NPC ID

Script results:

set "your Mod name"WaitGlob to 1
set "your Mod name"FollowGlob to 0
playGroup Idle 1



Then the AI Package:


I use "skip Fallout Behavior" so the NPC does not stop and talk to other NPCs


The Follow AI :

Type: Follow

Conditions: the "your Mod name"FollowGlob == 1

Location: nothing

Target: Player. Yes "Count" is a shit name, it's the radius/distance NPC to Player


The Wait AI :

Type: Wander

Conditions: the "your Mod name"WaitGlob == 1

Location: near Current Location.  Radius: 0 ( or a small value )

Target: nothing


In my game it allways works, NPC get never lost during following and the waits until I come back ( several months if it's not a respawning NPC )


And you can create a "release" dialog

Script results:

set "your Mod name"WaitGlob to 0
set "your Mod name"FollowGlob to 0

So the NPC does not use the Follow and Wait AI Package. He uses his "normal" packages.


Or if it is a slave and you sell him , you add the script results in the Buyer dialog

set "your Mod name"WaitGlob to 0
set "your Mod name"FollowGlob to 0

SlaveNPCRefID.moveto XMarker in a PrisionCell



( And if you get a quest update you can use the Quest stage for the Slave NPC "in Cell stay" Package


GetStage Quest-ID == XX(stage number)

Package Type: Travel ( or Wander)


near Reference: XMarker in the PrisionCell ( Travel Radius 0 ; Wander Radius ?? small value )


Follow and Wait AI Package above the other Packages in the NPC AI Package order.




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Ok that sounds like a plan! I didn't really know what skip fallout behavior was for. I could see using that in a script instead of dialogue or both since I need to add the script package to the npc so they will follow the player first before talking to them. The original pse mod used to work this way for shifty bert until I screwed him up lol but it doesn't use globals. Sometimes the npc I set to follow (before reading this) will stop about half way to the player and I have a 0 for the count field so either it needs a number other than zero say 50 or that it won't work right or is expecting to use a global instead.


I will try this very soon just trying to fix something else then get this done thanks:-)

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Yes priority is important. The game checks packages from top to bottom.


Lowest AI is the "do always if nothing else must be done"  e.g Wander near editor Location. or stand at X Marker location and offer service (Shopkeeper ) with time 24 hours/always.


The other from top to bottom


6AM sit and eat one hour at home


12AM sit and eat one hour at home


7PM close shop and go the Tavern 3 hours ( find Chair or bench in the Tavern cell if you want a specific position. Or eat Package with Location in Tavern cell )


10PM sleep package 8 hours Location : near Bed, an X marker or the Indoor cell with the Bed


During all other times the NPC use the lowest Package : the wander near editor location.


The follow and wait packages must be above the other Packages, if the Globals ( follow or wait) are not set to 1 the NPC will not use the lower packages, but if the Globals are set to 1 the game should not find a package with "true" conditions above the wait-follow package, or the game use the first package with true conditions .( and never use the follow-wait packages)


Some Mods adds packages to NPCs . e.g. Lovers Slave Trader adds follow-wait package to enslaved NPCs, so these packages are always the first in order and all other packages will be ignored.

I don't play PSE, can not give you specific tips for PSE.



Yes you can use scripts, but most times you can set Globals in the dialogs .


maybe someone sold you a slave: You add set Globals in the seller dialog. The Slave follows you without talking to him.


And you can add it with the script results in the quest ( quest update)


But you can use scripts: Maybe if you enter a cave a NPC starts find the player and follow him. ( maybe Slave tries to escape. AI Package with set allways run and 10 Bandits with follow Slave or start fight the player Package just behind the slave.)


Script "conditions" = the shorts sometimes messed up.

You Now?

scn script name


then many entries before the script starts


short PSEModfollowPlayer

short PSEModWait

short xyz


and Ref's and Var's


 then the script starts. e.g.

Begin GameMode


I had no problem with shots till now.

But most modders use Globals or token ( clothes items without a mesh. Only ID and set to No playable )







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Yeah it still doesn't work so I will check order of packages. I have to start this within an existing script though instead of with dialogue but I turn it off with dialogue choices. I used your guide exactly for the dialogue setup. I have tried just the set namofglobalGlob to 1 in the script and I have currently set npcRef.namofglobalGlob to 1 and the next command is npcRef.evp so should I use evaluate package instead of evp? I am thinking that evp is just short for evaluate package. Everything works except this follow stuff. I have my npc going to sleep at an inn and wandering around a fort and around pell's gate then wandering at the fort again then go to the inn wander around outside there then go inside go to sleep. All that works except that follow. The package is supposed to make the npc run to the player so I have always run checked in addition to the other stuff you said. The npc will follow the player but walk only because I am using a startconversation command in the script for it. Maybe that is interfering with the follow package somehow?


It could also be my save game or how the npc is scripted to work. The PSE mod has shifty bert disabled initially then he enables based on if the player is in the same cell and has 1000 gold. My npc is setup the same way only using getinsamecell command and 1000 gold to enable her.

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Ok saw your edit, yeah the PSE script has shorts and now the globals I put in and it still doesn't make the npc run. They may actually be following the package just not running as I set them to. I will try to comment out the startconversation part and see what happens.

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