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Diabloesque decorations Question and Idea Extenstion?

Cock Sucker

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i'll list my question first as its sort of related >.<


1. I wanted to add more zdd stuff in my game, placed them around skyrim no issue and saved them into my "working" esp which is loaded last on the list, but in game they don't show and if I go back into the mod they arnt there :/


am I right in assuming I'd have to add them via the base mod only? as I didn't want to touch it tbh.



now the idea update!


2. while I was working on my skyrim gore-up mod an idea flashed into my head.


would it be possible to use the zdd models for necro sex? obviously I guess they'd have to be reworked a little, but imagine it (if you like a bit of necro fun) you see a male with a pole through his chest (im sure you've seen it outside whiterun if you've got the mod installed?) your lady character could (via animations) jump on him and pleasure herself off etc.



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