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elf ears


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Does anyone know a mod that put elf ears into the race menu itself? All the ones I seem to find, you have to craft them. Then they don't show up when you wear them:/ If anyone know any good long ones point out instead of up, I would appreciate it Thanks! Looking for the anime type looking ears and not they typical D&D like vanilla skyrim has. 

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Well I am using Ninghelm race and they have them, but I was hoping a little longer ears.  I will check turn down ears.

im not using any custom race but can you customize their ears in the racemenu?


and also you might want to remove the ears when you use the hairs in the turndown race or else you will get a double ear

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I use ECE I don't care about tattoo's in race menu since I do my own myself.



I guess I will google that. I tried Numenume elf ears but it seems to give me a head piece and that is it. I doesn't show any ears or anything.


Edit: NumeNume is crafting ears, so it says,  or by console. I might being doing it wrong I don't know. 

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