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PCEA Not working as intended


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Some of the animations I installed, some of the NPC and followers still uses them.

I switched over to PCEA2 and that has made my problems so much worse that I reverted back to PCEA.


I was just wondering, is there another way of placing the animations exclusively for your character without running by the FNIS?


So far, I can't seem to know what some of the folders in the PCEA is mean't to be. Is the PCEA Folder in the animations, an animation path for Vanilla or player?


Unrelated Question to the Topic.

Is Ultimate Combat and Duel - Realism compatible with one another?

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PCEA works by giving all the standard races a new animation set. If your follower or an added NPC has a custom race or is "defaultrace", they'll use the anims you loaded for yourself, because those are actually the global animations overwritten.

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