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I made a video and now I need suggestions for bg music

Monsto Brukes

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I attached a 20s sample. No i'm not going to up the sample somewhere because I want to add music before I post it for real. 


Last video I did like this, I used Chaka Khan "I feel for you". Really, tho, I'm open for anything. I'm just having a hard time deciding on something myself. 


Hm. . .  I just realized that my DailyMotion may have been completely deleted because of that video with Chaka Khan? They didn't tell me why, just said "it's deleted."


Anyway, the whole video is like this sample and it's only 3:00.


It says .txt but you need to change it to .mpg to watch it.

Tripple Threat.txt

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Waaaat no porn on Youtube???




Forget I said anything. However, as a writer related to a musician, I'd find it nice if people respected the copyright stuff. But that is a topic for another thread.


As an original musician, and the father of an original musician, i absolutely respect copyright. 


I do however think that In something like a skyrim video, realistically, I'm OBVIOUSLY not trying to claim anything or steal anything, or anything anything. Proper attribution should be the order of the day. Lacking that, a simple request to properly attribute. Deleting an entire account, without explanation, including all videos by the user, is heavy handed. 

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