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[Bug]SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping & "Pimping Independent prostitutes plug-in"


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Hello! (attention - my english is fucked up)

I have some troubles with "Pimping Independent prostitutes plug-in Initial release" (sorry, i am not allowed to paste links, so you can find mods with PROSTITUTION tag)

So, here it is:

- The SexLab DEFEAT destroys the random-brawl quest, when npc refuses to pay to prostitute. So, when i knocked down NPC - the DEFEAT interaction menu fuck up the script, i mean - when i try to "activate"/"talk" with Knocked Down NPC, nothing happens (he must say something and money must be added, no dialogue at all), only DEFEAT menu shows. (The only way to fix it without any ".esp" stuff - is to turn off the DEFEAT mod during that quest)

- When i use "You've been doing some good work with me. I want you to work alone in a city." when i talk with prostitute... Nothing happens! She just go away and do whatever she wants. (I think that's the EEF mod's shit, maybe i am wrong)



So, maybe someone know what to do? Anyway i think that mod must have a "SexLab Defeat" support at least, or some more testing at all. 

Also, mods are working great, only that things are screwed up!

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Have you all requirements for TDF Prostitution and Pimping ? (Fuz Ro and Brawl Bugs Patch).


I play with TDF and the plug-in and Defeat (5.2.2 needs framework 1.60+ and SKSE 1.7.3+) with SexLab Framework v1.61b, I do not use brawls in TDF, I had problems with it in the past but brawls is working with other mods, wait few seconds when he is down until he says something ("you know how to fight" or something) dont talk to him with E (I did it at least twice with no problem), don't know if it works with ATF.

"You've been doing some good work with me. I want you to work alone in a city." it works fine for me (with a girl with experience of 10 or more), I have 5 girls in Skyrim working out of the towns and I can find them on the map as a quest.

The only "bug" is if she is not a follower there is no more "you want to make money ?" and "I will find you" or "find yourself" I can only select where she will work.

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