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Bath animation resource


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Thanks for sharing.



Free to use permission? Credits will ofc be given.




I'd love to use this mod, be nice in Paradisehalls/Bathhouse mod :)

Of course you can use, but keep in mind that I originally did it for Oblivion




Looks good.

These are not the best, but they are easy to adjust.




Can we use it with Bathing in Skyrim? I can't see the animation as I don't have Flash.

Yes, it works, but only problem  with  a quiver bone  . But this is not important for naked people ...

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Some animations I did long time ago and ported  to Skyrim ...


how it looks









Can I include this as an optional animation in the next release of Bathing in Skyrim? This is the only proper showering animation that I have seen :)


yes, choose what you need,  although there is few ... 

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