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Question about modding a races appearance


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Hello, i would like to change the appearance of the uchiha clan race (its look is based on the breton race) into the one of the ningheim race.

I heard of people turning all their bretons into nords or all their nords into argonians. I'm guessing i have to delete some files of the uchiha clan race and put the ninheim files in their place ?


So my question is, which files do i need to move where in order to end up with a race that looks like the ningheim (with all facial presets etc., because i think they're very pretty) and the powers of the uchiha clan (having its little questline to unlock the sharingan etc.)?

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Depending on the structures of the mods it can be a simple copy-paste of the meshes and textures. I don't use either but it could look like this: data/meshes/actors/character/uchiha/..


If the folders i there are the same as in data/meshes/actors/character/ningheim/... you should be able to just drag and drop the ningheim files and place it in the uchiha folder, if you are using racemenu or ece you will most likely have to overwrite the uchiha presets with the ningheim ones, too. Same goes for textures/actors/character/uchiha and ningheim.


If the structur is NOT the same (because some modders like to do it differently for some reason, looking at you, ECE), you can still manually exchange every single file, inm other words manually overwrite the uchiha files one by one with the ningheim files.


The above methods work if you use NMM, as i understand MO does some kind of virtuall installation, in this case i don't know where to find the files for manual overwrite.



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