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remove weight properly


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hi there


so I made myself a custom armor mashup, but one piece has some weights on it to use with BBP or how it's called.

I don't want that on my mashup just because, and it crashes my game since I use another skeleton than XP32 maximum skeleton.

I tried to remove the weights in outfit studio, but that didn't really work.


If any of you guys know how to properly do it, could you please give me a hand on the attached nif?! =)

Just removing the weights from the dress so it doesn't need XP32 skeleton anymore.


I would appreciate it a lot :)



In case you're wondering how the mashup looks like, here's a little preview: 







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Grab yourself a copy of Gerra6's mesh rigger and use it to easily remove BBP/TBBP HDT from a armor you can also use it to add BBP/TBBP HDT to a body and armor as well. All you need is a body to use as a template the body used should have only the nodes you want in it. You can find many out there it does work better with bodies that have matching UV maps. Like UNP to UNPB have matching UV maps while UNP to CBBE do not. If they do not have matching UV maps you will not be able to use the UV map search option or it might not come out right.  



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