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Mazoga the Orc

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Mods which extend the  Knights of the White Stallion Quest.


Knights of the White Stallion

 2008 version: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/6623

Remake of that version is Feudal Empire 300  :  http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22678/?  ( I use this version. There is also a german Version )


2011 version: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39832


To make her your companion:

CM Partners and Companion Share and Recruit are both "not the best" with Lovers



Use MCS . You can make any NPC your companion in game. And works fine with Lovers.



or you use LoversSlaveTrader and enslave her...then you have a slave companion.



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No . She only use the new White Stallion Castle. ( small AI change ) . No dialog changes.

The Mods change the old Wooden Hut in a castle. In Feudal Empire 300 the "quests" are only collect more Blackbows and you get Leader/Officer of the castle.


But if you want to get rid of the "Goodbye" flags in her after-quest greetings  you can add the 3 Dialogs to the Mod, or add in your BashedPatch if you use one, or add it in another esp or create a small fix esp.


In CS open the quest MS92FIN,  and then Topics and then Greetings and remove the "Goodbye flag of the 3 dialogs ( IDs:  00086059, 00090B60, 00090B66 )

Or very easy with TES4Edit


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A Dialog fix esp = removed "Goodbye" flag

2 versions


one version with all 3 dialogs

"I'm gonna go get me some black bows. Tag along if you like."
"I'm going to spend some time at the Lodge. Then maybe tonight, I might go hunt me some black bows."
"Push off, scroat! We got nothing to talk about."
The last Dialog she say if you do not pay her. So she hate the player and do not talk to him/her. You've screwed it up with her.
I would use the other esp version with only the first two dialogs fixed.


Or you merge the esp in one of your esp or in the bashedBatch.

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