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Weird Body Texture Lighting Issue

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You could try ones from body slid. I have had that glow before like facing a light the body is bright and facing a different way the body becomes really dark.


The odd thing was, before I uninstalled my ENB, I was getting times where the lighting on the body didn't match the light sources, like it'd turn black, or almost have it's own glow to it, was really offputting, this seems to be something separate from that issue though, I'll try the mesh thing, and if that doesn't work possibly reinstalling the skin texture again, and trying a few different options to see if one of them is actually doing it somehow

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I thought of something else if you uninstalled the ENB that you were using there is a chance that settings that it changed in your skyrim.ini file are still in there. One way to check is to is to find your skyrim.ini and Skyrim.Prefs file make a copy of them and place them somewhere and then delete them and load the game through the normal launcher and not through SKSE so that the normal launcher appears start game and then close it when you get the chance to this will make skyrim make a new ones for you and might fix the problem if it is being caused by leftover stuff from your ENB.


The ini file should be at computer - computer - name - users - your name - my documents - my games - skyrim

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