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Animations broke


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Alright. So I installed sexlab though nexus, and I find a chick I wanna bang. I go to do the dirty, but once I select an animation, they just strip and then either stare at eachother, or fuse into one, and not via sex.


I play as a male argonian, and will swap if necessary. Please include the mod list for EVERYTHING I need to download to get this to work.

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You are likely missing some of the requirements for Sexlab. Check this http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25219-getting-started-with-sexlab-how-to-install-sexlab-and-its-requirements/


just use the newest versions of the mods and resources mentioned. Then try Sexlab Matchmaker to be sure you have a functional setup and it isn't a mod that is messing up. If you still have problems do as Elf Prince states. Post your log here.


Trouble shooting thread




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