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Tilde Key not working

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If you're talking about being unable to open the console, make sure you have bAllowConsole=1 in the [interface] section of your ini. If that's okay, do you have any keymapping mods active?

Yeah I've checked that line in the ini and its set 1, No I dont have any key mapping mods.


I've seen these as well and when I checked I havnt got IR on my laptop and the item(s) which they say to disable aren't present on my laptop

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Well, I am not sure what kind of Laptop you have or if you have seen it, but I found this in one of the threads on steam:



Glad you got it to work, but for anyone else who this solution doesn't work for, on the off-chance that you're running on an Acer Aspire series laptop and you cannot get the tilde key to work in Morrowind or Oblivion, try this:


Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Device Manager

Expand the keyboards section and uninstall the "Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard" and "Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard" drivers.

Then run the game and it should work properly. This will not mess up your system and you should still be able to type properly, if not then reboot and it will work properly.

Sorry to hijack your thread but it took me ages to find a solution to this and I thought people should know. biggrin.gif



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