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No dialogue from Jarl Siddgeir


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I have a problem with Jarl Siddgeir. I received a letter to speak with Jarl Siddgeir (to initiate the bandit killing quest), however, no dialogue options appear when I try talking to him. Not even the 2 default dialogue options of "Does your inexperience...." and another one that I forgot. I also noticed this issue with Solaf and Nenya. I managed to fix Solaf's issue by adding him to the merchant faction, but Siddgeir is still bugged.


I also noticed that Siddgeir lost his "Jarl" title that should've shown up when you aim your cursor at him. Instead of "Jarl Siddgeir" showing up, it only reads "Siddgeir." Furthermore, Siddgeir no longer sits on his throne but typically hangs around upstairs, using the arcane enchanter. 


Does anyone know a fix for this? I've looked around and saw that multiple people have had this issue. Thanks.

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I had that problem some time ago too.



- use console command then type ShowQuestTargets. Use pageup and pagedown on your keyboard to find your quest that is stuck, in my case Favor154. Type Player.sqs Favor154 in the console to see your progress (stage). Finally, type SetStage Favor154 20. 20 is the stage that was stuck for me, the dialogue with Siddgeir.



- input "player.setrelationshiprank 00019822 2" in console



- load earlier save and repeat the quest



- start the new game (this helped me since that game was broken)

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I've tried all those options before but none of them solved it (besides the quests one, but that didn't help either). 

Good news is I got it working again though. I think the fault lies with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. I reinstalled it and then started a new game and everything seems to be in working order. Goodbye 40+ hours of gameplay though :(


Thanks for your help!

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