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Billboards, magazines, paintings and posters - Modder's Resource

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Modder's resource of the billboard, magazines, paintings and posters as found in the .ba2 files of Fallout 4.
Since the site reverted, I couldn't figure out how to upload a file so here are the resource files again.
I know there are posters in the factories (warning posters), but I couldn't find them in the .ba2.


Personally I use a resolution of 2048x2048 for my own mod to get a more crisp picture.


Some textures are scaled that I know of:
Billboards like billboardslrgtall_blank01_d use a resolution of 2048x1280 and then scale it to 2048x2048 (1.0x Width x 1.6x Height)
Billboards like billboardsmtallblastradiusl_d use a resolution of 1365x2048 and then scale it to 2048x2048 (1.5x Width x 1.0x Height)


Some textures (most of the paintings) are striped/checkered, I haven't yet figured out what's the best solution to get a nice picture. Also the paintings come in wide and small frames, which could mess up your picture.


If there is any interest in some Fallout logo's that I created, then I may upload that as well.


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