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Who's avatar you'd love to have sex or not to have sex ?


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Who's avatar you'd love to have sex or not to have sex ?



Hello LoversLab, this is a new forum game to this page

Since we're all friends here, sometimes we share the some idea toward something

Things like other members lovely avatars...



So, this is how the game is played...


(1) Member show his or her avatar picture.

(2) If a member place positive answer he/she gets 1 (1 point) that he/she adds by himself/herself.

(3) If the answer is negative he/she adds -1 (1 negative point) to it.

(4) The top is 50 points, after that the winner has to post a picture or a .gif of what he/she would do to him/her.

(5) You can vote many times as you like but only 1 vote per post and you can't vote for same avatar twice.



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List of the most wanted avatars for t1595.gif so far:


Selina Kyle - 1,1,1,1,1 = 5

Elina - 1,1,1,1 = 4

hellonow - 1,1,1,1 = 4

Elf Prince - 1,1,1 = 3

lokomotje - 1,1,1,1 = 4

Effie - 1,1 = 2

winny257 - 1,1 = 2

SnowOwl - 1

Sunsakuka - 1

Agent Tex 1,1 = 2

Shocky - 1

Archon Lucien - 1

Krasovskiy - 1

Ghost - 1

Verhoven69 - 1

Nashor - 1

Dark Auron - 1

Zquad1 - 1

Fenrir19 - 1

CerisetteX - 1

Jay1646 - 1

Mord Sif - 1

Cyric -1

GuachaLover23 - 1

ntblood - 1

xenic - 1

mungo10 - 1



These are all names from the new site. Let's continue with voting. Thank you all for participating.


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I click on avatar, and the site takes me to the user info page. Then I  right click on the avatar picture and choose copy... after that I just pass it here.

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I had to copy image location as it wouldn't let me copy the pic, but thank you my friend. Here's my vote :)



Sorry to hear that. It worked for me the way I described.


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Guest Comrade Selina Kyle

Of course your winning. Who else would win but everyone's favourite femme fatale

:blush: I'm flattered after all these comments :blush: 


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