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SKS Ren Hair Collection

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This one has all the hairs in your pack plus 4 hairs that aren't found in yours' date=' came across it randomly browsing.





Most likely it's the same one that I've uploaded to Megaupload weeks ago before Hongfire's database crash lol. My screenshot also does not show a few extra hairstyles included in the pack. If anything, I'll verify later tonight when I get home. :)

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Hello, I'm a newcomer on this site and I do appreciate finding here long sought-after mods.

Speaking of which, it looks like that the megaupload link doesn't work any long . Not a big deal since I'm glad to have the pack you've posted miniAkiba but I must admit I wouldn't mind having four more SKS Ren Haid models to use.

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You need to manually add them to your race. Here's a quick rundown:


1) Drop the hair's somewhere in your data folder. Meshes go to meshes, textures go to textures.

2) Open race plugin with CS, make sure to "set as active plugin".

3) Open hair list. (Character->Hair)

4) At the hair list window, click mouse right button on the list, select 'New'.

5) Enter New Editor ID, click 'OK'.

6) Give the new hair a name, click 'Playable', and click can be female or can be male, or both. Fixed color just means you wont be able to change hair colours in game, so leave that alone.

7) Click on 'Add Nif File' button.

8) Browse to the hair mesh folder and select the hair you want.

9) Click on 'Add Image File' button.

10) Browse to the hair texture folder and select the texture that matches up to the hair. (i.e.: Nif 42 gets hair 42.dds)

11) Repeat 4-11 until you're finished.

12) Open race list (Character->Race), select your race, click 'Body Data' tab.

11) Drag and drop a hair onto the hair list. Repeat this until you're finished.

12) Close the Hair List and the Race List. Save the plugin.

13) Test it in game to make sure it works. Use showracemenu in the console, or the amulet that brings it up for you, or start a new game.

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Guest TheEvilestTwin

I see.  I can also use that to delete hairs right?  Since it's kind of annoying to go through all the hairs that come with various MPBs when I just want to use the few good ones.



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Guest TheEvilestTwin

Hmm, how do I undelete a hair?  The deleted hairs have a * D next to them, but I kind of want to 'undelete' them, any way to get rid of that * D?

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Guest TheEvilestTwin

I tried that, but it doesn't let me edit out the *D lol...


I don't really get why it just adds a *D to it when you delete it, instead of removing the entry out right, but doesn't let you undelete it.

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Why is it in the OP's picture the hair numbers skip around but in the archive they're just 00 to 20?  I finally got around to esping them and I'm wondering now if I should have renamed everything in case there are 'missing' hairs I may want to add later...  ???

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Just a curiosity.


10) Browse to the hair texture folder and select the texture that matches up to the hair. (i.e.: Nif 42 gets hair 42.dds)


I'm adding the SKS New 00-20 and for example there's:


SKS New 08.dds

SKS New 08_h.dds

SKS New 08_nl.dds


I'm only adding the first and it works just fine but what are the other files?

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Hair pack with .esp. Instructions for dummies:

Open the CS and select the "SKS Ren Hair.esp" and the .esp of the race you want to add the hairstyles<--- this .esp of the race will be set to "active"

On the hair list use duplicate on everything that starts with "SKSRen". these entries will now have "copy" after them. After finishing all 29 of em you may now drag the duplicates meaning the "copy" ones to your race.

Now you may save the changes made to the esp. Recheck load order or whatever, get in game and the hairs should be available.


Notes: the pack goes into the "data" folder of Oblivion. The "SKS Ren Hair.esp" doesn't need to be activated while playing for the hair to work, so i recommend you do that. If it didn't work, YOU must have messed up somehow >.> . How can you mess up? well an example would be a race with 3 face types and 2 tattoo variations that means 6 entries; ofc you are playing one of those, so that would make you want to find the exact one to which to apply the duplicates if you're lazy and don't wanna drag for them all. other than that? well if you drag the normal entries of the hair, not the duplicates, then it WON'T work. that's all i can think right now, and as always, this isn't my work, credit goes to the respective author and the guy who posted the files on this site.

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