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any way?


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is there any way to copy a character's face from a screenshot (without manually trying to guess what settings it had or such) ?

asking because i wanted to remake my old character but i had no success.. EVER... i only managed to make it uglier =/

and it was ages ago, a few months after skyrim got released i think


i think body type was either 7base or cbbe. it wsan't unp since fox armor was for unp and my char had neck(seam?) thingy




btw she is (was actually) a female nord with elf ears

tried making an elf look better (since i wanted a sexy elf character) but was too much trouble so i decided to try and make an elf from a nord girl


please, i really need help on this, because this is the first character that didn't turn out major fugly and the racemenu presets others share are kinda... ugly and the ones that aren't ugly , they aren't being shared so...


...thank you in advance

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i don't have the save since it was long ago and i had a cluttered game with a bunch of mods and kept getting crashes.

at the time the general tip was "oh mod manager is no good, you should install manually it works better"

yeah it worked better but then i couldn't figure out which mod i had installed and which one had been making problems so i couldn't even pick a clean save (to start over) since there wasn't one left

all the saves i had were with mods and couldn't even be started since i had missing mods or kept crashing when loaded

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