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Lush Body & Bobs Boots


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The Problem


Jarl Wot'isface of Whiterun gives you a nicely enchanted set of platform boots from the Bob's Boots collection. You go "Yeh! thanks a lot - they look all crap on my Lush bodied toon. These boots are going off to the 'table' for enchantment sucking and destruction"


The Solution


Open a bottle of plonk, and Outfit Studio and use your stubby fingered painting talents to re-brush them for the Lush body.


The Result


Attached file containing rejigged meshes.





Before - and you know why she looks grumpy. It's because...

Those boots are not correctly constructed for her bitching lootified mercenary archery'ing outfit. What's a girl to do?




and After, (although at a different time and with a different NPC, and with different, but similar, boots on - and in a slightly different position)









Bobs Boots from http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43381/?

Lush Body from http://www.loverslab.com/topic/40283-lush-body-real-girl-skin-conversion-bodyslide-cbbe-hdt/

A woven thread made from the frozen tears of a small child




1) For the love of god use mod organizer, (or make a back up), just in case this looks rubbish on your setup.

2) There is still going to be some clipping, (and missed spots). This really isn't my thing. All I can say is they look better on my setup.

3) I haven't tried these on the Lush++ body.


Examples, (although I think I've done all of the others, you can never tell. Well you can. But, being lazy, I can't).













Bobs Boots Meshes For Lush Body.7z

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