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I use LOOT alot of time to weed out obvious problems before I delve into mission control and it generally performs admirably, but I was wondering are Sexout files included in the masterlist or is there an equivalent just for here or something else along those lines?


EDIT:  While thinking about it, when LOOT pops up announcing dirty files and deleted navmeshes and what not and says to go grab FNVEdit and fix it, is that something that actually helps enough for a n00b to bother learning how to do that or just a fairly common thng and ignore it?

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Generally, I follow the rule of "the later in the load order sex mods are, the better". Whether LOOT has them in the master list or not, I don't know. However, you can create meta-data, and have loot automatically sort them to where you want them. Usually just above the bashed patch, and any plugins that say they require being last (like Nevada Skies) 

--random mod

--sexout .esp files

--Nevada Skies

--Bashed Patch

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Mods DLC's and what not that BOSS/LOOT say to clean need to be cleaned unless it is stated not to clean a .esp/.esm as the dirty edits are needed to make their mod work and cleaning those ones will break them dirty edits and things like that can and will cause problems in your game maybe not right away but eventually they might. I have used BOSS but have never used LOOT but if I was to use LOOT it would only be for skyrim and nothing more. If it is set up the same way as it is for oblivion then LOOT is junk because LOOT is no longer supported for oblivion so chances are neither are any of the fallout ones anymore. 

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I am pretty sure loot is still supported. I keep getting notes telling me my version is out of date and a new version has been released. If they are still developing their program, I would have to assume the masterlist is still supported. I could be wrong though and I might need to switch back to boss. Who knows?

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