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[WIP] Lusty NPCs


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Lusty NPCs (yes the name is inspired) tries to add a bit of role-playing goodness to SexLab by adding characters to the world of Skyrim.

But I didn't want to add just any character to the world. I wanted the characters to have some depth, not a whole lot, but some. I wanted them to have real motives behind their actions, I wanted them to have some past and I wanted them to express real emotion... Even one-night stands require some sort of conversation.

I wanted characters to be gritty, suspenseful and believable but most of all I wanted them to be driven by humane motivation.

I think the mod is a touch bit more serious than most and I have no idea how many will go for it but I hope those who will try it will enjoy the new the characters.


There's really not much in the mod beside Dialog and the mod doesn't require SexLab yet but it definitely will in the future once I learn what I'm doing in the Creation Kit.


At the moment the mod adds a total of 3 NPCs to the world and I will post their locations in a spoiler below. The goal is to eventually reach 50 NPCs at least for now.


Ah, I don't really recommend you try that mod on your main save.


NPCs Locations:




Colby - The Bannered Mare, Whiterun

Isabella - The Bannered Mare, Whiterun

Heimir - Arcadia's Cauldron, Whiterun





Actually it's more about what I need.


Editor - yes, I know grammar could use some work. If you'd like to help send me a PM.


For me to get better at the Creation Kit. I'm actually looking for someone to be my bit... I mean, I'm looking for someone who'll be my Creation Kit tutor. I'll forever respect your as my master!

No, seriously, I'm not looking for someone to be my bitch and do all my hard work just someone to answer my retarded and endless questions about the CK. In the meantime I think I'll use the Technical Forum.


Some fans. Those are actually a requirement before the first two would ever come to fruition I think. Seems logical now that I think about it.






Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice








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So this is a mod adding NPC one can flirt and then have sex with? Not a bad idea. I guess they'll blend in with the NPC from other mods like Inconsequential NPC or so. Would be cool to finally have some people in Skyrim who can be flirted with in a realistc way.


One advice/ request, make some that'll approach the player and start a flirt, it's always cool to have things come to you^^


And pictures are always good. Even if you just make a screenshot from the npcs it's better than nothing. People want something for the eye^^


Btw: If you have questions about the CK feel free to PM me :) But please no: "Tell me everything!" ^^

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Havn't tested yet:

My 2cents, if you want your NPC to be immersive and believeable
They will need a routine. Like not sitting in a inn 24/24.

If you can make your Npc wander in the city, they will be more lively and integrated into the game.


good luck on your mod

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