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Help my witch to find an outfit


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I'm building an interesting character in Requiem - non-college mage, Witch of the Wild, werewolf from the start (using Moonlight Tales). Couldn't find an attire that would suit the character. Ideally - close to this, but no armor, just cloth - wolf tail, hanging from a side, something like that. Or even more skimpy - something aggressively-sexy (she is a young witch, after all) but saying "don't fuck with me". Body type - preferably UNP or variants, but could switch the profile to CBBE if it's the only choice. I hope I don't want too much :)


Thanks in advance!

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How about this? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38164/? or one of my favourites, the BD Leather Robe found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/34145-fizz-workshop-sevenbase-unp-cbbe/


You can change the armor to be clothing in the CK.


Thanks, but I forgot to mention I've seen this one - was kinda expected, considering my wording. It's too "shiny" for a witch who lives in a forest, IMO. What I was looking for is something "closer to the nature". Furs, leather. More "werewolfish", if I may say so.


Too bad I'm too shitty artist. I can write code, but couldn't draw anything good even if my life would depend on it :)

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Maybe this? It's very wild and witch like, though it's more hagraven than werewolf.


That's a nice one - though it seems to include a whole quest to hunt a lot of hagravens to get it :). I've found this one already (the barefoot version seems to make it, IMO high heels look goofy on a character who spends a lot of time outdoors), but I'm gonna give the one you suggested a look. Thanks!


P.S. and I've found another one to consider - after all, Forsworn know what stylish means when it comes to looking wild :)

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