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[WIP] Alien: Isolation Xenomorph mod, would like some help!


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Hey LL, I've had this idea for a while, and what I want is just to take the Alien from A:I, and bring it into skyrim, BUT


I do not want it to just act like a random werewolf, that would kill the fun :/


When I figure out how, with your guys' help, I want to give it custom animations for attacking, running, standing, etc!




Pic 1: http://i.imgur.com/yTXdHDk.png

Pic 2:http://i.imgur.com/qwdWpqX.png

Pic 3:http://i.imgur.com/LoEi31S.png

Pic 4:http://i.imgur.com/8BeUL3T.png

Pic 5:http://i.imgur.com/hQhbQRx.png

Pic 6:http://i.imgur.com/WyDndWA.png


I want this to be standalone, so that it won't be affected by animation mods unless you manually replace its files. I'll look into how to do that on my own, however.


What I don't know is, what to do next. The mesh is there as one whole piece, there are no separate parts like head/legs/body/arms/hands. It's literally just sitting there in Maya, since I'm unsure of what I can do from here.


The textures are ready. It just needs a skeleton. Can I take a werewolf skeleton/individual animations, take it into 3DS max, change its animations manually? That way, the file names would still be the same (I think that's how animations work in skyrim?), but it would move differently and uniquely!


I think I know how to extract animations...



additional thoughts:


- Do I have to cut up the mesh?

- Do I have to cut up the textures to fit around certain parts of the mesh individually?

- If I want it to have a saliva emitter from its mouth so that it drools in game, would I have to do that in 3DS or Maya? Would that be a part of one of its animations? (for example, the only time you'd see it drool is if its in its idle animation, or combat idle animation)


-Sound files. I know I can probably record while playing A:I, edit the ones I like in Premiere, then have them as separate clips, so perhaps I could just look into giving a character custom sounds? It's not going to have dialogue. (In Oblivion, skeletons had a perfect hiss sound that I was thinking of looking for)


- Skin weights. In Maya, I noticed a lot of the mesh was deforming when I rigged it myself, but if I bring it into creation kit (assuming I didn't bother with Skin weights and just had all of its animations complete), would I have to worry about its mesh deforming in game? I realize that some armors in game still stretch when an actor turns to look somewhere, but that's not as extreme as what I saw.





This is purely fore educational purposes, for fun, and for my love of the Alien franchise. I'm really eager to see this through!


Once it's complete, I plan on mentioning that I don't want any money or claim over this, so hopefully it won't be taken down. 


Edit: I've got sound files ready. Just need to move on to the skeleton and animating. Just not sure where to begin.

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