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Why is Bethesda so fascinated with Potatoes?


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Who is not fascinated by potatoes ? I mean they're delicious. ;)



I think that, at least for Oblivion and Fallout 3 ( and therefore NV as well ), it is because they used facegen, which seems quite horrible ( I messed a bit with the demo version of the software, it's pretty bad looking ). I don't know what happened with Skyrim, though the faces were much better.


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Making faces with morph targets is a pretty big pain in the ass.  It's usually hit or miss.


I'm sure their character artists can make faces as nice as the Witcher 3 if they didn't have to worry about user character creation.

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Bethesda ultimately seeks to marry potatoes with their greater fascination: Giant Robots. Fallout, the Elder Scrolls, and all of Zenimax's acquisitions have all been working up to their future masterpiece, a giant mecha game where all the mechs have humanoid faces generated through the tried and true methods implemented in previous games.

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Aren't there lads in Bethesda's team who are just incompetent?


The lass who did the body models for Morrowind was one of the employees' wife, and didn't have any actual experience with .nif files (whereas a modder made a body without the visual segmentation).


The lad who is the lead animator dropped out of his university's animation course, who happens to be a good pal of ol' Toddie. And, err, we know how bad the animations are for Bethesda's games.


And whoever laid off the writers for Morrowind, or had their pay cut so they regressed to writers of hack-jobs (or whoever did the thing that made the writing go kaput). That fella needs to be hung, drawn and quartered for that very sin.



That bein' said, they've got (had?) a couple of good lads in their team. I mean, it was just one fella who did all the dungeons for Oblivion, and they were rockin'.

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