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Is there a japanese voice for sexlab?

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Hey y'all,


Is there a voice in japanese for sexlab that someone made? Because I tried many of the voices on these forums (such as Nusbie and Vanilla voices) and don't really think it fits too well. I think that a japanese voice would fit my character better.


On a side note, is there also a japanese voice for combat sounds and whatnot?

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I think there are two, actually. One for male and one for female, right there in the default sexlab package.

And yeah, there is a combat voice as well, but you'll have to search the nexus for it as I don't remember how it's called.

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From what I remember yesterday that contains voicepacks that sounds "Japanese-ish"/"Korean-ish"


Is "Additional Player Voices" and "League of Legends Ahri's Voice Pack Korean Version

Regardless of the name, it sounds hella lot "Japanese-ish"


As for Sexlab hentai'ish voices. Nope, don't seem to recall and I think Estrus has those type of voices. 

With given time and effort you could probably implement it into Sexlab as custom voices. (No idea how to do that, though it can be done)

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