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Heavily modded Skyrim backup?


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I may have to do a full re-install as my SSD might be failing, I'm still unsure, my SSD runs my OS and I have my games installed on a mechanical HDD. If I have to go fresh install, is backing up my games as easy as copying my Data folder, NMM folders and Skyrim folder in my documents and just replacing them once I get the clean install? Thanks in advance as you guys are always very helpful.

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You should be able to copy over the folders once all the programs have been installed. Still a bit risky but I would also check the rules and functions of NMM. I use MO and all I have to do is redirect the folders to the correct locations and activate Skyrim to move or reinstall. I can even have multiple MO running at the same time(well not the same exact time but have them installed at the same time and be able to move between them when I want to).


I would verify cache with Steam if you install over the game data folder just to be sure that some updates or something hasn't happened and to make sure that the Steam version is perfect.


OH.. at the bare minimum make sure you have copies of all the mods (current) that you need to reconstruct the game again.. notes on what order they were installed in and any other info you need before reinstalling the OS..


I had a similar problem with an SSD and with a secure erase I was able to recover it and it is what I am using right now to type this entry.. :D. It ended up being trashed from extended use. (perhaps my original setup was also not efficient.. not sure)



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