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transparent textures and GIMP.


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I am trying to edit textures with gimp but they show up transparent and it is making it hard to see what I am doing.









I am trying to get it to like this.





Is there settings to change this?


Also what is the Default name for the eye textures for Ryu Hayabusa and momiji in Umod?



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Spoiler tag is under the box with the green line through it between the eraser and font. Just copy and cut what you want in a spoiler then click the box and go to spoiler click it and paste it into the spoiler box.


If the texture .dds file is already transparent then there isn't much you can do about it as that is probably the way the author set it up. I have run across a few like that and if you add a NiAlphaProperty to the outfit/body it will become transparent/invisible. I have removed the transparency layer from some outfits with gimp2 but when you do that it adds a white layer so it might change the color of the file.

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I had transparency issues with the body and face skin texture files, when I extracted them with umod and tried to import them into Gimp. Later, I got the DDS plugin for Photoshop (CS3) and imported them into there. The files then looked good and were no longer transparent for me.

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