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Help with UNPB - BBP

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Hey all. I have an issue with the breasts in-game. For around a month everything ran perfectly on my character. When I launched Skyrim today my character's breasts were jiggling non-stop. I've ran FNIS again, all my body scales on the race menu plugin are set to default, I tried removing my clothing to see if it was something I wore that was causing the issue, loading a new cell, the works. The issue keeps persisting. =/


Here's a visual representation of the issue:


Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried loading a old save to see if the problem is on other saves aswell as your main save? you could test going to a vanilla area and wait for 31 days for the cell to reset. There is a mod that lets you wait that long the link is here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12625/?the problem might be in the body but also the skeleton since like you said it jiggles nonstop so might be a skeleton issue, you can try to uninstall the skeleton (remember that if doing this step you need to uninstall all mods using that skeleton) if that dont work then it is hopefully the body and uninstalling the body u have so uninstall the body u overwrited your original with (if you have overwritten) so for me i installed dimonized unp female body replacer - hdt physics extension - unp hdt-pe bbp tbbp (body) then hdt breast and butt physics and last fair skin complexion then u have do uninstall in the opposite order fair skin-hdt breast and butt physics-unp hdt-pre  bbp tbbp- hdt physics extension and dimonized unp female body. i really hope it works out for you soon enough 

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