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  1. Will this work with SOS full or do you need SOS light? Thanks in advance looks amazing!
  2. Do i need milkmod economy? I am using SOS and got all other reqs but can't find it ingame or through additemmenu.
  3. Atm I run around 100 mods and at most close to 500 mods a few years ago and It has worked fine I get CTD maybe once every 30 or so hour if even that, currently I have 16000 animations according to FNIS. Mostly I run mods that changes how the game looks 2k or 4k textures weather overhaul, dungeons darker, more and stronger(smarter) npc also I have some sexlabmods installed like defeat dangerous nights female and male skins with working physics, prison mods, fertility etc For modding as "Kishuna" said make sure to check the install requirements and if the mod is Alpha be
  4. The original version linked in the OP is for UNPB TBBP anyway. I am thinking about converting it to UNP HDT-PE actually. Thank you!
  5. Yeah Shigurui is one of a kind, really enjoyed it. Kinda twisted stuff tough Akagi. Wait, What? You have seen berserk and it's not number 1? omg *faint* Unfortunately yes my older brother who is 23 and his wife are hardcore anime fans and they have over 200+ anime series and berserk was one it was a good serie just not my favourite and i think one of the reasons why i like Naruto as number 1 is because ive been following that show for the last 9-10 years "I got 1 addiciton and it is to watch 20 minutes of the newest episode of Naruto each week and then sometimes you get f
  6. Naruto, One piece full metal alchemist, Pokemon, Love hina, Lucky star, My little sister cant be this cute, Digimon, Berserk, Black lagoon (a few episodes) Gungrave, Yu-gi-oh and a few others that I have forgot FAVORITES: 1. Naruto 2. One Piece
  7. I have sleept roughly 4 hours every night for the last 6 years its no big different from sleeping 6-8 hours or more when I sleep I sleep with my window open to get fresh air even during wintertime and i havent feelt any negative effects from it yet.
  8. Thought i say Hello quickly Ive been here for a while since the community on LL seems to be more active then on other sites as nexus :/ some quick introduction trying to learn how to mod = not install mods... but make them from scratch I have some experience from nifscope and I know how to change/edit textures on Gimp paste a custom picture for example and editing the colour to look more sharp and realistic. Im currently learning how to convert armors and clothes from one body type to another and adding BBP - TBBP - HDT to them since jumping with a silk dress and no BBP cmon where is the reali
  9. adblock if you use google chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?hl=sv
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