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Fallout 3 or New Vegas

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Unless your desperate I would hold off until either gamersgate or steam do sales, where both normally drop down to around £3-5 each then buy both.


Otherwise both are modable, and both pretty much still have people making mods for them, game wise both are enjoyable enough, if you take your time and wander around you wil hit max level cap on both of them long before you finish though, so plan which perks you want so you don't find yourself not being able to get them.


If I had to choose one or the other I would mostly likely go for new vegas, but in my view there is not really that much differece game play wise between them.

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If you are looking for adult content: New vegas is the way too go! It has active development for adult mods on this site. There is a port going on for fallout 3, but the amount of content is small.


If you want to have adult content for fallout 3, it would be best to buy both and install the tales of two wasteland mod(TTW). It mods the entire fallout 3 game into new vegas, and makes it able to visit both games. Some mods on this site are made specifically with TTW in mind.


As for the games themselves... after replaying both many times i prefer New Vegas over fallout 3, because of the multiple paths and endings possible in New Vegas. Fallout 3 never really offerered a lot of options to finish certain quests.

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