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Sexlab Animations and how many is best.


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The Answer


For Sexlab 1.59c, 125 is your limit.


The Problem


People like to click boxes. It's in their nature. The more boxes the better. However Sexlab doesn't like that. Add NSAP & Zaz and you have issues.


The Solution


Cut off peoples mouse click fingers.


The Compromise


Download the attached file.


What does that do like?


Well, if you go to console and type 'help ye olde diabolic animation counter' there should be a spell there. Do 'player.addspell <wot ever code is displayed>' (probably something like xx0012c5 where xx is the mods load order number). You should now have a lesser power which when cast will display Sexlab's GetAnimationCount - which apparently gives the registered animation count. (You do need to click the register animations option in Sexlab to get your NSAP & ZAZ animations registered first though).


Couldn't you add that spell automatically to the players toon?


Yep, but not going to.


Is it safe?


Do I look like Dustin Hoffman? (No is the answer on both counts - or the more accurate answer is "absolutely no idea")


Will it be relevant in the future?


No, because the powers that be will display that information in the MCM or plop up a big warning anyways.


Why put it in a post when it could be in the official downloads section thingy


Because that's for proper mods. This isn't one.




Sexlab 1.59c (and it's requirements).


Has it been fully tested?




Is it supported in anyway?




Does it work?


Well it gives a number on my box which looks right. However if it doesn't work have you tried switching it off and back on again?


Can it be uninstalled after I've done the initial Animation selections?


Can't really see a reason why not. Honestly if you can approximate your click happy NSAP selections to the Sexlab base animation count, (i.e. 65), it's not that useful anyway. (Don't forget that you are also going to need some spare slots for other mod animations - e.g. EC+)


I read the Code Complete in '93 and totally misunderstood it. Your code is crap and I want to do it better


Go for it. It's just code.







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Nice monologue. So this is a untested, unsupported spell to see how many animations are active ?


In a nut shell at the bottom of a bottle of very nice red plonk - Yep. Actually just what is reported from Sexlab as being registered. Actually no idea if it works on other peoples setups. (I think I said that above though in a round about sort of way).


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I kinda gotta ask though, why does no-one seem to realize that 1.60 Alpha 3 already raises the animation limit to 350?


Is the answer "because it's an alpha and there are a few mods which don't support it yet?". (ps only hanging around here because I'm waiting for my schnitzel to boil. Fairly sure that's how you cook them - didn't really come with clear instructions).

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Dunno. I installed the beta version of Sexlab which increases the limit to 130 and it's working again. So apparently I have ~4 too many animations and it causes Zaz to go "Nah, can't do it."


Odd, because from general forum slurping I was lead to believe the max on 1.59c was 125. Anyway doesn't matter because I'm somewhat inhibriated and probably slouching to Bethlehem, (or up a ladder to my bed - whichever is the closer). Would be nice to know if this does work on other peoples setups. It's not that I'm going to do anything about it, but the guilt will do something.

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