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[BF3] Petty Officer Christian Matkovic's Gear

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mmkay, so here's Matkovic tactical gear ported from BF3.


Weight slider is not yet supported, because me havent find a decent male body _1 that doesnt look like gorilla :C

People probably gonna ask why made this in skyrim or something, well um.. High Heels started it (^ω^)


Me probie gonna port the rest of Misfit 1-3 team too, but its not gonna be soon because me working on some more armors not US related o-o

so this is a WIP c:


to install, just plug it in NMM/MO , and play.



- Vanilla Male Body Type

- Not Working Weight Slider (not yet)

- Craftable at any Forge under Steel Section


There are 8 Parts :


- The Tactical Gear (Sleeve, Pants, Bag and a crowbar)

- Boots

- Gloves

- Belt (2 Bag Leg Kits)

- Front Kevlar Addon (EOD, Magazine, and a few pockets)

- Bazooka with its sling (Wearable on back)

- Helmet (replaces hair sbp 131)

- Helmet (Circlet, but the hair probie clips, me dk probie someone want to have hairs o-o)



um, also since this is a DICE model, There's an Optional 2k Textures and Optional Uncompressed Normals in the download section C:


If you want to use the 2k Textures and the uncompressed normals, install the "BattleField 3 Matkovic" first, then overwrite with the 2k Textures and the Uncompressed Normals c:



Credits to :


EA Games and DICE for the models.



Thankies (^ω^)


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