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Mod Configuration Menu: Need help to get working.

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OK. Lets begin. I have been having a lot of trouble lately with certain mods and downloading and installing, and I finally pinpointed the source of all my troubles: the Mod Configuration Menu for Fallout NV.


I have no problem downloading it, but installing it is the tricky part. You see, i get its two requirements, but for some reason, one doesn't seem to work.

The New Vegas Script Extender 2.0 beta 3. What am I supposed to do with this file? Whenever I use the NMM(nexus mod manager) to install, then install the MCM, the MCM says it doesn't detect NVSE.


What am I supposed to do with NVSE, and why doesn't the MCM detect it? What should I do?


Please help if you have any solid information/suggestions. There are mods I want, but can't use, until this works out for me.


Thanks for your time.

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Lemme see if I can be of some assistance here.  I have to caveat here by saying I don't even own Fallout, but the Skyrim CK & MCM are both almost identical.


The Skyrim Script extender just self extracts into the main game folder.  Forget the NMM on this one.  The Fallout one SHOULD (theoretically) do the same.  If not, try putting the files there manually.  I assume you're then supposed to run the game through the Fallout Script Extender just like I have to with the SKSE.


One other thing you MAY need to look for; creating and enabling a MCM for Skyrim required downloading an extra developers kit file for the SkyUI user interface mod (from the tutorial site for making an MCM for skyrim).  Again, since by my understanding, the same folks developed all of this for both games, you may want to look for something similar to that developers kit. 

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SKSE for me was very simple. It created a shortcut for me very easily. NVSE doesn't seem to be that so. I am also used to using a mod manager. Manually putting something into a file and such is something I have never done. And about that 4 year old version thing, zippy, of course I know to use a recent version. I was just copying down what I found on the MCM page.


I currently reading the NVSE page, and the installation instructions, well, they make absolutely no sense to me. I am not a computer savvy person, and I can't base my past Skyrim modding on SKSE because SKSE was nothing like this. It was just there for me to use.


Look, anyone who wants to help will just have to bear with me. I am so new to this, with files and all this stuff. I have no idea what .d11 or .exe is. It all makes no sense to me.  

So, I am a noob, and you are the veteran. Teach me the ways of modding.


By the way, I work really well with step-by-step instructions, so if possible, when helping me, make it as detailed as possible.

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Ok, look, they may be simple, but I have no idea how to do this, and what they are.

What is .d11 file?

What is the Fallout NV Directory?

And the most important one, how the hell do I copy the files? Where do I find them so I can copy them?


I know, right now I must be as oblivious as a blind/deaf man, and as idiotic as the three stooges combined, but for ****s sake, I have no idea how to do this crap.

My Skyrim modding was as easy as 123. The rest of this crap makes absolutely no sense to me.

So, if you really can not help me through my ignorant, not stupid, stage, then don't respond and waste my time, because zippy57, you are currently no help at all.

If you have anything useful to say, say it, or begone.

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RRRRRR! I am so close, dam it, I know I should have all the files in the right place, but I have no idea what to do next. All the files nvse has asked for I put next to it in the Fallout Directory. It was like passing levels in a game. So I passed all those "levels", except there is one problem left.



Whenever I try to open the nvse loader, it miraculously starts, but then stops. Windows starts looking for a solution, then I am forced to close down. What else needs to happen!!!???!??!?!

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ALright. I got it fixed. It took me many days to finally get something figured out. It ended up with a full system restore and many installations/de installations, not to mention all the files that were required to be moved, but I got it working. I won't be needing anymore help with this. Thanks for your time.

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