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Log Warnings and what I have sorted out


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     Warnings are notifications sent by the engine.These warnings do not imply that anything isn't working.

most of the time, they just inform you about script updates (You need to understand that the log was conceived as a developer's tool, and its main reason was to enable developers to keep track of changes critical to their own work when a group of people were working on the same project).

Those warnings are not lasting (Not like errors) and will disappear over time when all affected instances have switched to the new scripts. Which is what most of the warnings are about {script was changed or updated, and Property that was used is no longer valid}

Scroll through them until you reach a line that say's

>>>[05/17/2015 - 01:09:53PM] VM is thawing...<<<

That is where you enter the actual game. Warnings do not repeat them self's during game play, and for the most part can just be ignored. Eventually the new script takes over, and the warning become totally redundant.

  Many mod's can bring these warning to bear, if they change, main game file's, and upload these new modified game scripts with there mod, this is a poor mod design choice in my book, and also is sometimes just a mistake on the modders part, as even the best modders may Fat finger something once in while.

Error's are very different, and these may continue, and can eventually lead to problems, although many of these also can be ignored rather than totally muck your game up with a full wipe, and re-install consider these points.

1. Am I having a problem playing the game

2. Does it CTD all the time, and so game is un playable.

3. do not consider conflicts an Log Error's as always associated, they may not be. A proper load order is essential. always try to keep this as a number one priority.

3-1. If you run the Unofficial Patches here is the prefered Load order.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp

3-2. If you run the Unofficial Patches you will probablly get and ungodly amount of Warings about the "WeaponRackActivateSCRIPT" property cannot be set.

  This is because the Unofficial pacth fixes the Havoc Problem with the WeaponRackActivateSCRIPT, and so what is happening with these warnings is as I said earlier the Script has been updated.  Again you do not actually enter the game in the Log file until you see the

>>>[05/17/2015 - 01:09:53PM] VM is thawing...<<<

so all these warnings hurt nothing, and the are not going to continue to repeat again, and again in your Log like and error.

3-3. You will see this one a lot

>>>    [None].Firefly.Is3DLoaded() - "<native>" Line ?
    [None].Firefly.OnStart() - "FireFly.psc" Line 68
    [None].Firefly.OnUpdate() - "Critter.psc" Line 265
[05/17/2015 - 02:52:06PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp4"<<<<

For the most part this one is another BS from bethesda, and thanks to SKSE, and the unofficial patch they actually start to function as they were supose to, and you will see many more firefly's, and butterfly's than you did be for.

It is a log loader for sure, but if your moving a lot from area to area or fast travel, they don't always have time to update right. but over all they should not be a problem, and should be cleared over time by both the above mentioned, just make reading the log troublesome.

4. Clean your save, saveTool is simplest to use, and actually is quite powerful, and needed after any uninstall of a mod, but always safest bet is to just remove the mod, and return to a save before the mod you removed was loaded.

 before you loose your long time save, and totally rape your progress in the game, just because you see a few warnings or even a 1000 warnings at the start of your log file, or some one says let me see you log file, and say's boy you sure have a lot of Warnings in there. Be sure to consider manything's.

5. I am allowing that everything I have said some may disagree with, but over all this is what has been true for me

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Hello @galgat, nice post.


I agree on "most of the lines in the log can be simply ignored", and I give you a kudo for "logs are for developers".


Now, logging system in Skyrim is far away perfection.

Try to run just Skyrim, no patches, no DLCs, with just one mod with one quest (empty) with an alias on the player with a script that does just this:

Event OnPlayerLoadGame()
  While 1
    Debug.Trace("This is a test")

Of course this is an useless script, but Skyrim will CDT after a few minutes.


If you use change .trace with .tracestack then the CDT will happen almost immediately and you will see that the FPS will drop to zero immediately.


Now, I am ok to print info in the log for debugging, but please modders, please: on final releases get rid of your development logs.

They are useless for the final user.


Just my two cents.


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thanks CPU, I just thought it might alieviate some of the concerns that people have about the Warning's, I mean it is scary to see a hugh list of warnings as soon as you open the Log, but there not hardly ever a problem.


and all error's are not subject to being a problem, as many are just the result of and object not remaining in the same cell as the player, or even a time change causing them to be disabled by there script, which again, may bring up and error that is not a problem, so many things can bring about and error in a script that in reality is not really a game critical error, and will fix it's self latter.


  These are just things I have found to be mostly true. I have just seen so many people beat them selves to death re installing there game because they see some thing in there log that scare's them, And quite often there game is playing fine, but the Log scares them so bad that the eventually self inflict so much damage to there game trying to make a non problem go away, so that there only recourse is to re install.


   I was hoping it might help some people to understand there log a little better.


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Completely agree Galgat.


Logs are for developers.


But they may cause CDTs.


For example consider two very popular mods:

* Live Another Life

* Creature Framework (included in More nasty Critters)


Both have the tendency to fill the log continuously. When I am developing and debugging, three quarters of the CDTs are due to these mods. Random CDTs.

I disable MNC (and so CF) when I don't need to debug "creature" scenes.

For Live Another Life I have my personal patched version that avoids to do wrong checking at the game load time.

And my CDTs at startup are close to zero.



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I want to point out, that we have addressed those huge papyrus issues with the APPS - Framework. Modders can use it to inform the users about unexpected behavior and errors.Users have fine control over every mod which put out notifications, warnings or erros through our framework. Plus, they can enable/disable papyrus logging on-the-fly. And they are able to tell in which log file message from a specific mod should go.


The advantages for using this system is that it gives control for both parties. Developers don't need to sort out debugging output and users have such a fine control over those debug messages. Because let's face it: The papyrus log doesn't tell everything and sometimes a debug line from a mod before a CTD happens helps more to figure out the bug than no debug line.

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