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please help! animation wont play

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>>Warning: Generator not run from a legal (Steam) Skyrim installation directory. If you use SKSE, this can be fixed by starting Skyrim once through Steam.<<
FNIS Behavior V5.4.1   5/17/2015 10:17:02 AM
Skyrim: - C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\

Skeleton(hkx) female: Default (99 bones)   male: Default (99 bones)

Reading FNISBase V5.4.1 ...
Reading FNISCreatureVersion V5.3 ...
Reading SexLab V1.59c ...
Reading SexLabCreature V1.59c ...

All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files....

Create Creature Behaviors ...
Reading SexLabCreature V1.59c ...

 786 animations for 4 mods successfully included (character)
 47 animations for 1 mods and 4 creatures successfully included.
 1 Warning(s).



i am using sexlab romance to just try and get anything to work. no animations play at all.

i have the exact bare minimum mods just to run this one single mod [romance]. i dont really know what exact information to give other than the two logs.

Everything looks to be perfect, i can see all the positions in my skyui mod settings.

please help. as i said i dont really know what other information i could give.


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Download match maker which is listed on the sexlab page as one of the main ways to see if animations are working correctly and that everything is installed correctly. If the spells work then you will know that sexlab is installed correctly then you can start looking at the mods you have installed and see if any of them are the culprit.

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